The first International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing is organized by the Computational Linguistics Department (Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique pour le Développement de la Langue Arabe) and funded by the Algerian ministry of higher education and scientific research . The conference location is Emir Hotel. The targeted audience of ICNLSP are researchers, professors, students and industrials.
The proceedings can be checked in :
Procedia Computer Science.

Two keynotes have been presented :
Present and Future of Automatic Speech Recognition,
Jean-Paul Haton , Lorraine University, France.
Speech Translation : from Research to Applications,
Stephan Vogel , QCRI, Qatar.

The chair of ICNLSP 2015, Dr. Mourad Abbas felicitates the authors for the success that they brought to ICNLSP and addresses his sepcial thanks to Dr. Stephan Vogel and Prof. Jean-Paul Haton for their valuable keynotes.