Aims and scope

The International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing ICNLSP 2015 is a conference which creates a synergy between Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition communities. It highlights new approaches related to the language in both its aspects : text and speech spanning basic theories to applications. Regular and posters sessions will be organized, in addition to keynotes presented by senior international researchers. The conference program will include all presentations of the accepted papers, posters or oral.

The conference invites papers discussing the science and technology related to speech and natural language, regardless of the language studied, however works on Arabic are encouraged.
The following list includes cognition and natural language processing, information retrieval, speech recognition, speech translation, but does not represent an exhaustive list of all topics.

  • Signal processing, acoustic modeling.
  • Architecture of speech recognition system.
  • Deep learning for speech recognition.
  • Speech coding.
  • Speech comprehension and summarization
  • Speech Translation
  • Speech synthesis.
  • Speaker and language identification
  • Phonetics, phonology and prosody.
  • Cognition and natural language processing
  • Information retrieval.
  • Under-resourced languages : tools and corpora.
  • New language models.